Reiwa Pia



Reiwa Pia

Grazia Pia Ramuglia, aka ‘Reiwa Pia’ is an independent artist and singer-songwriter from Catania, based in London.

Daughter of the Mount Etna, she has shown interest in art since childhood, writing her first script and song at the age of 9. Passionate about David Bowie and Queen’s overwhelming music, at the age of 15, she studies electric guitar for five years at E.G.D. Academy. After graduating, she embarks on a two-year course at the International Academy of Musical, studying arts such as acting, diction, dance and singing. Despite her strong interests in foreign cultures and exploration of the world, which led her to graduate in Oriental Languages at the University of Catania, Reiwa devotes herself to music and writing.

In 2018 her song ‘Chi è di scena’ was published in the Mogol CET Anthology. In the same year, she moved to London to attend the three-year degree course in Songwriting at the Bimm Institute of London. Here she studies with professional figures of the Music Industry like Paul Statham (Dido’s Producer), Pete Smith (Steve Wonder’s Producer), Femi Temowo (Amy Winehouse’s guitarist), Becky Jones (soundtrack of Netflix series Baby, Young Pope) e many more.

Moreover, she is very present in the London music scene as a busker and live music. Among the most important performances in England, Reiwa counts those at The Troubadour, The Fiddlers’ Elbow, The Imperial College of London and the O2 Academy Islington.

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, she discovers a passion for production, which she recognises as the absolute fulfilment of the songwriter.