Marina Moon



Marina Moon

At age 23, she writes, records and produces all of her songs. No one remains indifferent when knowing she, herself, has played all instruments and sang all the vocal lines you can hear on her first EP Attitude, released in 2018.

A few months before she released her EP, we could already hear about her on the media due to her version of Tu Canción, composed by Raúl Gómez and performed by Amaia and Alfred in Eurovision 2018. Her cover already gathers more than 100,000 views on YouTube — even Raul himself did not hesitate to congratulate Marina on her talent.

She started out like any millennial, surrounded by her bedroom walls, learning the guitar and vocals from her favorite songs on YouTube, which she claims has always been her best music school. In love with all the freedom and infinite knowledge the Internet brought her, she decided to add instruments such as drums, piano and bass to the list. It was this interest in music that made her move to London to continue with her career.

It is already surprising to see a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter, but on stage Marina doesn't disappoint anyone either. With influences like Imagine Dragons, Paramore, 5 Seconds Of Summer or Ed Sheeran, she’s able to make you travel through your grunge teen years with Superstar, your most rockstar self with Whatever or strike a chord with Hope and Airplane. The stage is her best friend and whoever has seen her live, knows it.

Her last single No More Lies gives us a preview of what will be a new beginning, sonically, for the singer.